Marcos Hashimoto

Marcos Hashimoto has been at Bradley University since 2022, and has over 20 years of Academic experience and 20 years of corporate experience in large American companies like Cargill Inc. and Citibank N.A. Marcos is also a Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at Campo Limpo Paulista University in Brazil, where he concentrates his scholarly production and Adjunct Editor of the IberoAmerican Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. As an entrepreneur, Marcos was the founder or co-founder of 4 for-profit ventures and one non-profit organization, being one with successful exit and one consulting company in business and entrepreneurship that lasted 14 years. Regarding his experience with Entrepreneurship Centers, Marcos founded and co-founded the Centers for the two top Business Schools in Brazil (both AACSB accredited) and assisted, through his consulting company, on the creation of 13 Centers for Brazilian Universities. Living in the U.S. with his wife and three children since 2016 coming from Brazil, his birth country, Marcos is passionate for martial arts (holding a Karate Shotokan 2◦ dan black belt), travel, and movies.

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